Artikel Sambutan Ketua PP Perdami dalam acara JECIM 2020

Sambutan Ketua PP Perdami dalam acara JECIM 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
On behalf of Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (Perdami), it is a great pleasure and an honor to welcome you to the JEC International Meeting 2020 (JECIM 2020).

Our association has commited to support and advance eye health for the past decades, In this ever changing field of medicine, a continuing education and training in all forms of meeting is crucial and important, to update their competencies and to provide the service quality and developments that all our members thrive for. Therefore, we support all efforst to organize seminars, congresses, courses and trainings that in the end aim to reduce the global threat of vision impairment and avoidable blindness.

Jakarta Eye Center has become one of the forefront hospital who deliver not only eye services for the society, but also updating knowledge to the service providers, our ophthalmologists. They have been doing it by organizing meeting in a variety of scale that will improve the quality of our members. We are honoured once again to be of support of the JEC team in this event that gather specialists in ophthalmology and visual sciences from the region and beyond, to share expertise on new treatments for the major diseases and surgical techniques.

We do hope that the participants will have a wonderful experience at JECIM 2020.

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