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YO-Share Vol IV April 2021 : YO Without Borders

We tend to create far more boundaries for ourselves than the world actually imposes. Pushing ourselves beyond those imaginary borders is the only way to figure out how limitless we truly are. The theme of our fourth edition of the Perdami YO-Share, “YO without Borders”, was chosen mainly to deliver the stories of our YO colleagues in Indonesia who devoted themselves to work at the outermost borders of our beloved country, and even far beyond the borders under unusual circumstances. We are pleased to present you the stories from Central Aceh, East Nusa Tenggara, and Lebanon as well.

For all our techie readers, we got you the YO-Tech article, exposing the cutting-edge innovation in ophthalmology that could be useful for the ophthalmology practice in rural areas.

We are glad to tell you that a new routine section of Perdami YO-Share, the YO-Case section, is finally here to bring more benefits for our readers through knowledge expansion. Not only the interesting cases are presented, but also the learning pearls are provided.

Since we are still amid the Covid-19 pandemic, several Covid-related articles are available, covering the Covid- 19 impact, essential tips on self-protection, and also the vaccination issue.

To all the contributors, thank you for providing invaluable insights to the Perdami YO-Share. Our sincere gratitude also goes to the President of the Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (PERDAMI), Mohamad Sidik, MD; the Perdami YO Chairman, Muhammad Bayu Sasongko, MD, M.Epid, Ph.D.; as well as our mentor, Rina La Distia Nora, MD, Ph.D., for their supervision and guidance throughout the completion of the 4th edition of Perdami YO-Share. Their encouragement is the fuel for YOs to challenge the limits.